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The Fashionable Outfits You Should Choose According to Your Body Type

Your body type matters a lot in choosing your fashionable outfits. However beautiful you may be as a woman, if you do not consider your body type regarding dressing up, you may look lopsided. The following tips will help you choose your outfits according to your body type:

  • The Ruler: With this type of body type, you have shapely legs but an undefined waist. You should not curse yourself for such a body figure. You can create curves and also add depth to your body with necklines that fall below the collarbone. As a result, you will be able to elongate your neck and look well-proportioned. For this, you can choose bright pastel colors from the bust and up to break up your figure and make your bust looker larger than it is. Extra styling or color on top may create the illusion of depth. Avoid dark colors and include horizontal lines to fatten out your upper half. Moreover, you can accentuate your shapely legs by wearing skinny jeans or anything that can show off your figure. 
  • The Hourglass: How can you justify that you have this body type? If you have a defined waist, shapely legs, curved hips, and a prominent butt, you have an hourglass body type, and you must consider yourself lucky. Fashionable outfits, such as wrap tops, belts, and anything that sits at your waist properly, will accentuate your attributes. You should keep away from oversized and baggy styles outfits that will make you look dwarfed. Nor should you go for tight outfits. 
  • The Apple: You have the apple body type if you are heavy on top and svelte below. You should consider wearing loose cotton and flowing silks in simple designs. They will skim your apple shape well. Keep distance from clingy and tight clothes as they will expose your unwanted flaws. In addition, avoid multi-colored outfits and opt for monochromatic designs. You can choose small patterns and dark colors. Avoid pleats, pockets, and anything that bunches up at your waist. Pay attention to your shapely upper half also. For this, you should choose a well-fitted bra paired with an appropriate V-neck. 
  • The Pear: If your bottom half is heavier than your top fit, then you fall under this body type category. It is suggested you wear long and flowing dresses that accentual your narrow waist and barely your hips. Not only do these styles flatter your shape, but they also make you look thinner and taller. You should wear A-line skirts that are narrow on the top and flared at the bottom. As a result, it will hide your bulky half. Moreover, try wearing shirts with horizontal necklines to make your top half look more proportionate than your bottom half according to trendy fashion.  

Considering Brands for Your Fashionable Outfits

While shopping for your fashionable outfits in the market, you will find various brands. Trusting all of them will do no good to you. Judith March, Böhme, and Petal &Pup are one of the best brands you should consider buying your outfits.

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Briefly Put!

If you want to look chic, buy fashionable outfits according to your body type. They are available for all budgets, so you need not break the bank to afford them. 



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